Working out while ... out.

July 5, 2019


You’ve officially turned on your out-of-office reply. Your flights, accommodation and Disneyland tickets have been booked for months. You’re excited to be able to finally say “I’m on holiday!” and you’re excited to kick back, relax and enjoy. 


I’m with you. You plan on trying new things - cultural activities, public transportation, local fare. That’s what holidays are all about, right? A chance to do something and everything we wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise! 


But have you also planned in some exercise? Are you going to expend as much energy as you take in? 


I know. You’re on vacation. You don’t want to be counting calories and stressing over diet. Nor am I suggesting you should! But you also don’t want to come home from your holiday having undone all your hard work to get your body vacation-ready. 


Fitting in exercise while away doesn’t have to be difficult or ruin your fun. Walking instead of hailing a cab can get plenty of steps in - I relied on our walks around some cities to close my exercise rings on my watch! It was great. I would feel good at the end of the day when we enjoyed a glass of something. 


And yes, I ate fish and chips in London. I ate croissants and full fat cheeses in France. And we made a point of trying new wines, champagnes or ales. 


I have managed to book into a few classes to kick start my system, but I’ve also made use of hotel gyms to get in some runs on the treadmill (I used to go to the gym basically just for the treadmill so it’s been nice to get on one again!). The hotel gym is a free service. Those gyms are usually decently equipped to allow you to get in the workout you want. 


I’ve also done some Pilates workouts in my rooms - although I admit those haven’t been daily! Yes. That’s right. I haven’t done Pilates every day. But I’m okay with it! I knew I would get out of my routine while away - it couldn’t really not happen given our travel schedule and commitments - but I prepared myself for it which has helped with that voice in the back of my head. That voice is always there but I’ve learned to manage it. 


But here’s the thing: there are options to help keep yourself on track when you’re away from home. Whether you’re out of town for work or on an extended family holiday. You *can* squeeze in a workout, whether it’s in the comfort of your pyjamas in your hotel room or at a gym, whether you’re hitting some local hiking trails or booking into a local studio for a class. 


And you can also enjoy yourself. You can try the local food and drink. You can purchase some snacks for your car, train or plane ride. But just be mindful of your intake - more or less - and balance it out if you can. I found myself craving salads some days, just because we had been eating some richer foods! Eat the salad. Eat the croissant. Drink the wine (as if I would say anything else! 😉). You are on holiday, after all, and you didn’t book a trip to punish yourself and stay in your room the whole time. Just remember this one word: balance. 👌🏻 

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