'Tis the season...

June 11, 2019


Cold and flu season, that is. 


Days are getting a bit cooler (in Australia) all of a sudden. Honestly, summer seemed to last forever this year! 


I read somewhere that “A cold can be the body’s way of telling us to take a break”. Well that’s just fan-tas-tic. 


A cold always has impeccable timing, doesn’t it? 


I have five days until a holiday. FIVE. I don’t need a cold! I have things to do! Rushing around to finish! Items to purchase! Clothes to pack! Where are those socks I desperately wanted to wear overseas??!


Ok so I’m exaggerating. (Who gets that edgy about a pair of socks?) 


You often hear people say they need a holiday from their holiday if it was a hectic one. I need a holiday from the pre-holiday! I’ve been so excited thinking about seeing my family and friends that maybe I also got a bit stressed about the planning and preparations? 


What's stressing me out even more though is that I likely won't get in my final workouts before getting on that plane. I'm a firm believer in resting up when sick; not overexerting myself. And when you can't breathe through your nose properly, it can make for an awkward pilates session. 




There are exercises that I can do. Like going for a walk just to let the fresh air clear my sinuses and the sunshine inject some natural vitamins. And, of course, when you can't exercise you can always offset by being extra careful with the energy you consume. So although the ice cream in the freezer would have been amazing for my sore throat ... I walked past in favour of a lovely cup of Lemsip (not at all the same satisfaction, I will admit).   


Let's share. What are your go-to ways of getting over a cold? 

  • Do you rest? Stay in bed? Get caught up on books and Netflix?

  • Do you exercise? If so, how much? How intensely? 

  • What are some of your comforts when sick? 

Stay healthy, friends!

And see you at 6am on Friday for Pilates among the Vines, you-know-who-you-are! 

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