I went for a walk today.

April 14, 2019


I know what you’re thinking. Going for a walk isn’t exactly a grand achievement, is it. 


The truth is, I haven’t gone for a walk for a long time. At one point I was going everyday with my little one in her stroller. But since returning to work and with extra-curricular activities, our walks have become few and far between - even moreso for walks on my own!


I had a big morning, with visits to several vineyards as part of the Little Bit of Italy in Broke festival. But then I felt full, sluggish and in need of some exercise. 


I regularly make time for my pilates and barre workouts - as you might expect - but I don’t get as much cardio in as I would like. 


So today I put on some activewear (never a difficult task) and made up my mind. Except then I had a few excuses pop up:

  • It was sprinkling a bit outside. What if I get caught in a downpour??

  • my little one wanted me to play a game with her (it’s one of those games that she only plays with me - Daddy just can’t make the doll sound the way I do!). Will she be too upset if I take 30 minutes??

  • Sundays are for family. Is it selfish to go out for a walk by myself??


And as I walked, here is what I considered:

  • I can handle a bit of rain. And it may have even turned my walk into a run - bonus!

  • my little one can play plenty of other games with Daddy and it’s good for them to have the one-on-one time. 

  • Min 30 minutes, I got my hertrate up, I cleared some cobwebs and I had time to breathe - all of which made me a slighter better person when I walked through the front door. 


So I don’t regret going for the walk. At all. 


What excuses get in the way of you and your workout goals?

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