Food Prep: 3 reasons to!

March 11, 2018

Although it can be a bit boring on a Sunday afternoon to stand at your kitchen counter (or benchtop) and chop carrots and celery sticks, it’s definitely a good habit to get into. 


Actually, there are three (3) good reasons to get into food prep:


It saves time: OK - you may think that’s a bit odd given that you have to put in the time essentially once you’ve done your groceries, but it means you won’t have to take the time to chop away in the morning when you’re rushing around getting ready for a busy day ahead. Your lunch and snacks are essentially done for the week and you just have to ‘grab and go’.


It prevents waste: you bought the healthy food items with the intention of eating them, right? But inadvertently, even with the best of intentions, sometimes a whole package of celery can go bad before we’ve had a chance to use it up. By cutting it up into sticks and either pre-packaging portion sizes or simply placing all of the cut pieces into a sealed container in the fridge, you’re much more likely to munch away on it than if it’s uncut and represents work when you go for a snack. Produce goes bad so quickly - avoid waste of good food and money where you can!


It keeps you on track: there will always be easier alternatives to snacking, especially in our busy lives when we are time poor. If you’ve decided to eat cleaner, prepping your meals and snacks in advance can help you stay on track with your new dietary regime. Why make it harder for yourself to achieve that goal?


Chopping veggies will never be the most exciting thing in your week, so find a strategy to help get you through it - put on some good tunes, have a movie playing in the background, call / Skype a friend to chat while you chop or get a family member to pitch in and do it with you!


There are always excuses not to eat healthy. Don’t let food prep be one of them!



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