How to avoid eating that Easter chocolate

March 6, 2018

Maybe you've given up chocolate for Lent.

Maybe you're trying a new diet which prohibits sugar of any kind.

Maybe you're just trying to cut back on your calories. 


Regardless of your motivation, chocolate is staring you in the face at every turn these days - even moreso than usual. Easter chocolate has basically been on the shelves since stores officially took down their Christmas decorations - with the exception, in some cases, of a blip for Valentine's Day.


So what can you do to avoid eating that Easter chocolate? 


Well... hiding out in your house for the next month isn't exactly an option. 



But here's one that is: DON'T BUY ANY EASTER CHOCOLATE!


Intentions are wonderful things. You might buy some chocolate eggs thinking "I'll just have one tonight as a treat" or "I'll put these away for the weekend" or even "until Easter". Right. And we all know that the reasons for wanting a treat can be endless: a snack during your fave TV show or a movie; something sweet to help with a headache, a backache, period pain or just a bad day at the office... And suddenly, you've eaten a whole bag of mini chocolate eggs.


But if you hadn't bought any in the first place, there would have been no chocolate in your house for you to find and you wouldn't have indulged (or, rather, overindulged).  


Regardless of how good you are at hiding treats from yourself, if they are anywhere in your home, you will find them and you will eat them. 


However, leaving them on the shelf at the grocery store pretty much guarantees zero consumption. 


I'm not saying chocolate is all bad all of the time. If you never allow yourself some kind of treat, you will end up resenting whatever program it is that you are on which prohibits chocolate or wine or carbohydrates full stop. Life is too short to deprive ourselves entirely. Remember, it's about balance and consuming in moderation. 


But if you are working towards something, and you're determined to see it through, then do yourself a favour and save your Easter egg money for some new activewear or some other non-chocolate treat once you've reached your goal. That purchase will be even more delicious. 


And if you need additional convincing about why you shouldn't buy that bag of Easter eggs right this second, take a moment to check out just how much sugar is in a Cadbury creme egg. Your waistline and your blood sugar levels will thank you.  



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